RESET is a new educational programme for art and media professionals working in visual cultures. We offer classes, workshops, one-on-one practice reviews, and public events aimed at developing  the languages and practice of the future for visual arts. 

Principal areas of enquiry include the relationship of visual culture to ecology, emerging technologies, and to an evolving and plural socius. RESET programmes addresses emerging discourses on other-than-human art, augmented and virtual reality, evolving modalities of visual representation, the development of artificial intelligence, forensic and investigative art, critical architecture, as well as film, photography, contemporary painting and illustration, design, bio-imaging, and information mapping.

RESET agenda is regularly updated  to reflect ideas, concepts, and methodologies generated in dialogue between students and mentors. Our mentors include established art professionals as well as young practitioners who are exploring heretofore uncharted territories within uncharted by art and academia.

RESET programmes are designed to equip students with practical skills and the ability to position their practices within relevant theoretical frameworks. Coursework is tailored to the skill level of students. All participants are offered preliminary reading materials and an opportunity to work in groups. The maximum number of participants for each class is fifteen.

Our one-to-one practice review sessions are structured to offer feedback and advise on the specific problems the applicants are facing in their ongoing projects or practice. RESET offers a limited number of fellowships for financially disadvantaged applicants.

Our evening performances and talks are free and open to the general public.

RESET is hosted by The Laboratory Studio.